Fashion Week Poland 2014 SS15: The Buyers Perspective

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Fashionweek is one thing – but what happens after the last model has strutted down the runway, the last goodie-bag has been emptied and there’s no afterparty left to go to? Clothes are presented in showrooms and then ordered by buyers. Buyers have a completely different view and take on every collection – unlike media, that at first only observes. Buyers need to act quick and therefore often decide on the spot what gets ordered and what doesn’t. This retail oriented side of fashion week mostly goes by unnoticed – more often than not deals like this are made in private. So we met up with someone who had a distinctively varied take on the whole event – Danielle Richetta, CEO of Richetta Creations, who we met in a Showroom after a Fashion Week Poland 2014 SS15 Show. 

Interview with Danielle Richetta, CEO of Richetta Creations

FSB: Danielle, tell us something about yourself and your company.
My name is Danielle Richetta, I’m 39 years old (but don’t tell anyone) and I work as a fashion stylist. Living in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, you’re constantly surrounded by street fashion and style… you can actually notice a difference in style when you look at people from the city versus those from outside the city. I’d love to be a personal shopper to people, to show them the best Amsterdam has to offer and advise them on style and fashion. At the moment we’re are building a website for fashion designers to expose and sell their designs. I believe my experience as a stylist, together with assisting people with personal shopping will compliment what the website will offer.

I studied as an image consultant at an Italian school, after finishing summer courses in fashion in London at the School of Art, I felt that fashion styling was the thing I wanted to do most.After make-up school at the House of Orange, I was able to complete the picture, from the model selction, to accessoires, hair and make-up. I worked as a model booker at International Model Management and with the photographic studio’s on shoots. For a couple of years I worked for an agency, Models 4 Event, and was the designer and stylist, including concepts for outfits, make-up, hair and accessories.

Some brands I’ve worked for in the past include Bacardi, Orange, Kohne, Black & Bianco and more. So if you’re ever in Amsterdam and you need a personalised shopping experience, let me know…!

FSB: How did you stumble across fashion week Poland?
I worked with an Interior Design company called Miyo Studio in Amsterdam. One of the partners, Maciej Karpiak is from Poland and told me about fashion week here. I heard that Poland has some great designers and was impressed by what I’d seen when researching it online, so I thought I have to see it for myself.

FSB:What did you think of the collections from a buyers aspect?
What is your opinion From a buyers perspective, I thought about 40 percent of what I saw could work in the Dutch market. Holland is a small country and to be honest, not the most fashionable. This means that the group of people that buy designer brands is not huge…. so it has to be wearable for the everyday person.

FSB: What are your personal favourite/least favourite collection?
Aleks Kurkowski
Aga Pou
Michael Szulc.

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They really got my attention, each of them were unique in there own way but they also made a collection that was diverse and wearable and almost every item could be worn by a bigger group of people that love to wear beautiful clothes with the extra flair and creativity of the designer.The collection of Nuno Gama was the first show that I saw. I knew that the whole collection would sell… an amazing, colourful collection. Spring colours, basics and suits for the modern man.The combination of a mens collection and the beautiful flower prints. The whole show was perfectly balanced. The choice of clothes for man is always less than for women, thats why I love mens collections with a lot of choice and diversity. Aleks Kurkowski with the black edition… You can always wear this because everybody loves black, it’s a strong collection but also has the benefit of good quality materials, which are good to wear daily. Michael Sculc collection is more for the casual sportive types. Beautiful cobalt blue fabrics and dresses with a perfect dress and scarf in one piece… really creative and the collection looked very rich and would sell well in Holland. Aga Pou had amazing evening gala, brides dresses of lace, and a good collection of short dresses with beautiful prints, basic colours of black and white, cream and saffron. A collection of dresses to wear on any occasion.

The collections of those designers were all strong, good quality, wearable and had that really strong identity. These were my favourites, but in my opinion also collections that would sell.

I did not have a least favourite collection because sometimes its a combination of more things…. sometimes I thought “Wow, this collection looks great on the catwalk…”, and when I saw and felt the fabrics, I was disappointed by the quality.

FSB: What is the collection that you think will have the most commercial success?
The designers I mentioned before:
Nuno Gama’s menscollection
Malgrau &
Michal Szulc

These will have the most commercial succes because they will appeal to a wider audience.

FSB: How does that differ from your own personal taste?
My taste is a bit extreme, thats why I loved Aleks Kurkowski… the rough black coats with the extreme big leather shoulder shapes. Yes, thats my thing… but I also have a romantic side and that’s why I loved the mens collection from Nuno Gama with the beautiful colours and flower prints. My personal taste varies, I also liked the collection of Malgrau…. I would wear this everyday, fine materials, beautiful collection… and because of the light materials (compared to Aleks Kurkowski) looks more comfortable to wear daily…

Poland was an amazing experience and I believe within a few years, Poland will be right up there with some of the top names in fashion.

Text: Jonas  –  Fotos: Mike van der Ent of Passarella / Lukasz Szelag
Fashion Week Poland 2014 SS15


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